Noses to the Grindstone

A new year marks a new spark in our drive to get things up and running here at bahDINK.  We've pulled in a professional graphic designer to give our bland layout a sprucing up (if you can call a much-needed overhaul "sprucing up").  I know it's been a while now, but with the groundwork finally in place to build on we've finally started to build those pieces needed to get up and running.  All of the bugs have been hammered out (as far as we can tell) and functionality is in place on all of these fronts:

  • Fully-automated addition of new games when available on
  • Manually-triggered automated import of game details (genres, features, release date, etc.)
  • Manually-triggered automated import of achievements
    • We're introducing a new feature here that will hopefully make the site more user-friendly by preventing spoilers, more info to come ;)
  • User accounts are set up
  • Users are able to add to and remove from their list of played games
  • Logic is in place to allow users to track their achievements, and work is in progress on adding this functionality to the front-end

As you can tell, we're working hard trying to get all of these things (and much more!) in place to build a great community (and it's not like we're working out of posh offices, that is me at my dining room table).  We'll be relying more and more on you to help this community grow and thrive.  We've got a lot planned for the next few months, including a scheduling system to allow users to meet up with each other for achievement boosting or just to have a good time.  Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to send us a message if you want any more information or just to drop us a line.