KickStarter Is A Go!

Our Guitar Zero KickStarter Project has finally been approved and launched, and with that the "KickStarter" phase of the bahDINK website as well.  I hope you'll get a better feel for what all features will be available throughout this phase and once the next phase begins.

During this phase I'll be adding all of the core functionality that will basically make the site usable once our KickStarter Project ends and the site enters the invite-only Alpha:

  • adding and tracking games and achievements
  • earn reputation for providing missing information
  • submitting missing game and achievement information
  • comparing your personal stats to the average bahDINK userbase
  • creating and managing your Groups and Friends lists
  • and more...

We'll be depending on our Alpha users to help us fill in a lot of the missing game and achievement information.  Unfortunately, for us to get access to all the data we want, we would have to both play and 100% complete every game.  I don't know about you but for us that's currently not feasible, financially or gamingly.

Just a few notes if you're interested in registering in time for the Alpha phase: KickStarter backers who pledge $9 or more will automatically receive an invite to the Alpha phase.  And if you register sooner rather than later you'll have a greater chance for getting an invite.  We will also be employing a reputation system for providing missing information, so those chosen for the Alpha phase will be able to get a head start.