About Us

We're just a couple of ordinary guys who like to play video games, but also have a friendly rivalry at the same time. We used several different sites to help us keep track of our earned achievements, completion percentages, completion scores, etc and even used a shared spreadsheet to more easily and quickly compare our stats against each other. Unfortunately, keeping track of all of this information across many sources started to become a hassle, and when one of the major sites that we used to help us keep track of some of this information said goodbye, we decided to step up and fill that void.

Combining our professional experience in web development and engineering, our hope is to make bahDINK the one-stop shop for keeping track of all of your gaming statistics. Allowing you to set up your own clans to compare your achievements with your friends, coworkers, or the site as a whole. Even set up and participate in short-term competitions and earn yourself rewards and the respect of your fellow gamers.

Gaming can be fun, and it can also be competitive. And there's nothing that says it can't be both at the same time. We hope to turn bahDINK into the online community that fosters this ideal.


We also want to give a huge thank you to Michael Green for creating the design for this website. Without his professional expertise, this site would pretty much look like it was from the 1990s. Thanks Mike!